Shelter Dogs Make Great Pets – Marty’s Story

When I am at the off leash parks I often find myself chatting to other dog owners. The instant connection we have with the dogs makes for wonderful conversations. I have always been interested in how a person chooses their pooch or vice versa. There is always a story line there, whether a mixed breed, or from a breeder.

One morning a dog caught my eye running at the park. He looked like a Doberman but there was something else there in his DNA. After a few minutes of conversation with his owner Lori , I asked about her dog named Marty. She said he has quite a story. The following is his story in her words.

“My husband and I have always had dogs. I have worked in the animal field my whole life and have unfortunately had to witness many animals being euthanized just because there were no homes for them. We have always had our pets find us and I think Marty is no different.

Living in a neighbourhood where everyone is going to a breeder to get a puppy is hard for kids because that is what they believe they want. Our last dog was a shep/lab and she had passed away 6 mos before we got Marty. She was older and although a great dog my two kids did not really play with her. My son was bugging us to get a dog. They knew it would not be a puppy and that we would be getting a dog from a shelter, one that really needed a home. I had been looking on the internet and had looked at a few dogs but they just didn’t seem right. I found Marty’s picture on the Animal Control website. He was a Doberman/Coonhound cross and was 7 mos. old. As a kid my neighbours had Doberman’s so the breed did not put me off. I showed my husband Marty’s picture but he wasn’t really into a Doberman. I did go see Marty by myself at Animal Control and spent about 20 mins with him playing ball. He was very scared but I could tell he had a nice personality. I went home and that evening told my husband. I said he was a really nice boy but I would leave it up to him to decide. I would take any dog without hesitation just to give them a good home!

With our busy schedules we waited a week before we went back to see Marty. I had told the Animal Control people I would be back the next day with my family!! Honestly, the following Saturday we decided to go look at The Toronto Humane Society and the shelter at the Exhibition. Marty was our last stop. Even though I liked Marty I was hesitant because it was the first dog we were getting as a family and I wasn’t sure of his age, breed or size. We saw 2 dogs we were interested in but neither was good with young kids so finally we went to see if Marty was still up for adoption. When we went into the shelter they brought Marty out to an enclosure. All 4 of us went in but he would not come near us he was so scared. He did remember me and I went to him and began petting him. I made my son and then my daughter crawl to me and Marty and they were able to pet him. My husband did the same and then they started playing ball with him and I left to get some more information about him.

Marty was a Doberman/Coonhound mix and at 5 mos. was brought in by his owner. He was emaciated and his snout had no fur on it at all. His mouth had been tied shut with something. He was food aggressive and dog aggressive. They rehabilitated him for 2 mos. and put him up for adoption at 7 mos. The owner was charged. My husband loved him and we adopted him that day. It’s hard to believe that someone could do that to a dog but we feel so lucky that we found him and were able to give him a loving home. He is our third child and what a big (80 lb) baby he is. My kids absolutely love him and he is great with them. My 9 yr old son Jack had his physical recently and the doctor asked him if he had any siblings. At first he said one and then he said two, his dog Marty was his brother!! We feel fortunate to be able to give our kids the experience of having a dog like Marty. One that possibly may have ended up euthanized if no one gave him a home.”

After reading Lori’s story it gives me great joy to see him running at the off leash; healthy, happy and well-loved.

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7 Responses to Shelter Dogs Make Great Pets – Marty’s Story

  1. Another Beautiful “Read” If I see Marty at the off-leash park, you’d better warn his mom “Lori”…. I’m gonna have to kiss and hug him!!!!! 🙂 xoxo Liz

  2. He is stunning now with added weight he really needed, shining fur, and a bounce to his step due to his wonderful new life with a family that loves him. Special thanks also to others caring for him along the way, seeing his potential. 🙂

  3. Patti says:

    I hope the person that wired his snout shut had his face wired shut as punishment. Honestly, what is wrong with people!!??? Thank goodness there are kind hearts for dogs that deserve kind hearts. Great Job, Lori. And thanks again Becky for a great story.

  4. fromashsview says:

    I love the topic. More and more the new dogs that we have in our neighbourhood are those that have a nice story, gives them character and their people that have taken the time and love to give them a special place. I know a few people that work in the rescue scenario from the inside, the have taken on a different role in these dogs lives. Anyone that would like to have their info let me know. Ann

  5. Jane says:

    We have met Marty at the off leash and he is such a great dog! So sweet and wonderful with everyone and their dogs. I know what Lori means when she says “Living in a neighbourhood where everyone is going to a breeder to get a puppy is hard for kids because that is what they believe they want.” Perhaps we live in the same neighbourhood!! When I explain to people where our dog came from, and that she is a mix, I often get some weird looks, etc. It was important to me to get a dog that really needed a home – there are so many out there. Thanks for reminding me of Marty!

    • Thanks Jane,
      Yes Marty is a great dog with a fantastic new family.Lucky boy and lucky them 🙂 Your girl is a beauty too! People are slowly understanding there are tons of dogs needing homes.Especially lovely mixed breeds that make awesome family pets.

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