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My 100th Post

As I sit here at the computer I cannot believe I am writing my 100th and last post for dogstwentyfourseven. This blog means so much to me and has been a labour of love. I decided that I would like … Continue reading

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Dog Walker Memories Part One

I have been a dog walker over the last twelve years, and I love my job. My relationship with the families I work with makes my career very unique and special. Some of the families I have known for over … Continue reading

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Dog Nicknames

I always wonder how many dog owners have nicknames for their beloved canines. My guess would probably be close to ninety percent. It would be a fun idea to research, especially as to the origin of the nickname and when … Continue reading

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Dogs and Wild Animals That Meet in the Night

Part of being a responsible dog owner is letting them go for a walk before the family heads to bed, or for a quick bathroom break outside in the garden. Sometimes doing so is more memorable than anticipated! A dog … Continue reading

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Why are dogs afraid of vacuums?

Our Labrador is terrified of any vacuum; she has been this way for as long as we can remember. Just the sight of the vacuum being brought out for use has Abby quickly leaving the room despite her old age. … Continue reading

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A Lot to Swallow

The recent addition to our family, Ember, has recently shown an occasional interest in chewing plastic. She has only been with us since May 2012; we added her to our family when she was almost eight years old. This chewing … Continue reading

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Golden Retrievers and Their D.N.A

Golden Retrievers are a popular breed in my neighbourhood. I am constantly amazed at how similar their traits are despite coming from a huge array of breeders and different families raising them. Out of the many dog breeds I have … Continue reading

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Owners with two of the same type of dog- 2 of a Kind

I have noticed over the years owners that simultaneously own two dogs of the same breed. In my mind there is a list of questions which I am curious to ask, knowing that each dog owner would have different answers. … Continue reading

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Senior Dogs and the Gifts They Bring Us

I have been walking dogs as a job for the last twelve years. Many of my canine friends are in their “Golden Years” or have left this earth due to their older ages or illness. This is truly the hardest … Continue reading

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Lovely Lily the Golden Retriever

Lily and I met around six years ago; it is hard to tell exactly how many as years tend to fly by. We met through my friend Janine; I walk her dog Fulton. The two dog owners live near each … Continue reading

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