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Sampson Finds A Forever Home

As it often happens I meet people at the park with their dogs, and we strike up a conversation. I met Tracy recently, and her dog Sampson. We hit it off right away – despite all the mosquitos lately! I … Continue reading

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Dog Nicknames

I always wonder how many dog owners have nicknames for their beloved canines. My guess would probably be close to ninety percent. It would be a fun idea to research, especially as to the origin of the nickname and when … Continue reading

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Dogs and Wild Animals That Meet in the Night

Part of being a responsible dog owner is letting them go for a walk before the family heads to bed, or for a quick bathroom break outside in the garden. Sometimes doing so is more memorable than anticipated! A dog … Continue reading

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Dog Injuries and Trips to the Vet

I think that every dog owner can recite a story about an emergency trip to a vet. Accidents happen, but thank goodness they don’t happen very often. They can be very scary for the two and four-legged to experience, and … Continue reading

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Dogs and Seniors

Yesterday I had a chance encounter which is worth writing about; it involves some dogs and a lovely senior at a local off-leash park on a very hot day. I noticed off to the side that a senior with two … Continue reading

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