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CAAT- Canadian Animal Assistance Team

My blog is winding down as I approach 100 posts. As I reflect on what I’ve written, I’ve realized that a theme of my blog has been how dogs are wonderful connectors. For example, when meeting on the street or … Continue reading

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Keys and Alarm Codes – Dogwalker Challenges

My job involves a lot of trust; I am given keys and alarm codes to my client’s houses. Not only am I trusted with their beloved canine but also to keep their house secure. Over the years there have been … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Dog Sins

My daughter, Emily, suggested that I write about “the seven deadly sins” but with a canine twist. Naturally, I loved the idea and felt that it should be my next post. Lust of course comes straight to my mind from … Continue reading

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Dog and Owner New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! As we head into the first week of 2013, New Year’s resolutions have been on my mind. I’ve been bombarded by the idea of resolutions on television, the radio and through other various forms of the … Continue reading

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Dogs Make Wonderful Medicine-Visiting Seniors

My father has Parkinson’s with some Dementia and recently moved into a Long Term Care Facility. The floor he is on has a resident cat named Pinky. She wanders around visiting the residents all day and is well received. The … Continue reading

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Coco’s Cupcakes

In April 2012 I started a Facebook page for my dogstwentyfourseven blog. I have been blessed by making many new friends as a result, and I look forward to sharing them with you. Coco’s Cupcakes caught my eye one day … Continue reading

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Dog Walker Memories Part One

I have been a dog walker over the last twelve years, and I love my job. My relationship with the families I work with makes my career very unique and special. Some of the families I have known for over … Continue reading

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DOG TV – A New Concept

Have you heard about cable television’s first network for dogs? I was curious when the buzz on DOGTV started last April. I wondered what exactly was unique about this concept, and if it would fly with both dog owners and … Continue reading

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Sprinter this Winter

When you are a dog walker you become focused on the weather. From the minute I wake up to 680 news on the radio I lay there with bated breath to hear how the day will play out weather wise. … Continue reading

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