Dog and Owner New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! As we head into the first week of 2013, New Year’s resolutions have been on my mind. I’ve been bombarded by the idea of resolutions on television, the radio and through other various forms of the media. I thought that I might as well climb on board with the concept, but add my own canine twist.

I will start off with my resolutions for our two Labradors; Abby is 13½ and Ember is 8½ years old.

Abby’s Resolutions
1. I will try to not wake up before 7am from Monday to Friday. Currently, I like to wake up before Dad’s alarm goes off at 6:15. I let everyone know I’m up by licking loudly and flapping my ears!
2. I will eat at a slower pace and savor my meals.
3. I will not beg… O.K., just less often when my family is eating.
4. I will not “boink” the door with my head to open it onto the back porch, leaving cold air streaming into the house.
5. I will bark more at Irene – my Fairy Dog mother – since she brings me cookies whenever she sees me in the garden, two houses over. It works every time!
6. I will try to dig fewer holes in my garden in the summer when looking for dirt to lie in; I’ll try to focus instead on the nice grass or deck as better options.
7. When going to the vet I will try not to shiver in the waiting room because I’m nervous. I’ve heard it can be a blast hanging out there. I will give them a “shot” – lord knows they have given me enough shots.
8. I will try to be more patient with puppies when they leap at me or on me. I was a young puppy once and need to remember this.
9. Live until my 14th birthday in June!
10.I will keep carrying my poo bags since I like doing this! This neat trick makes strangers smile when they see me. Retrievers like to carry things and be helpful.

Ember’s Resolutions
1. I will continue to snap at dogs that try and mount me. I have produced 3 litters of puppies and other dogs need to be reminded that I am in retirement.
2. I will try and persuade my family to give me more meals. I love breakfast and dinner – how about starting a lunchtime meal?
3. I will try to not sneakily eat other dogs’ food when they’re boarding with us and walk away, leaving some in their dish.
4. I will try to not eat plastic if I find garbage at the off leash park.
5. When my Mom is trying to do up her winter boots before we head out for a walk I will try to not stand over her feet so that putting her boots on isn’t more effort than it should be; I just don’t want to be forgotten.
6. At the off leash I will try to not retrieve balls that are not thrown for me. This will be hard since I only learned to retrieve this year with my new family and I love it so much!
7. When my human family or Abby is using the stairs I will try not to barrel by to get up or down first. I just learned to do stairs with my new forever family and they are still fun to use!
8. When my mom opens the van door I will try to be more patient and wait until I am asked to come out; I know I need to curb my enthusiasm.
9. I want to find a few of my puppies and see what they look like now and where they live.
10. I want to continue to show my new family that I am grateful to live with them each and every day. Even though they tell me that I do this already.

Becky’s (dog-related) Resolutions
1. I want to continue to feel blessed that we have 2 terrific dogs we that we adore.
2. I will appreciate Abby daily as she approaches her 14th Birthday and is managing so well.
3. I will try not to fret about the dog fur on the floors or on our clothing – it is marginal compared to the love that they give us.
4. I will brush the girls more often; it will help with resolution 3.
5. I will bring on the pats that they love, especially when one-on-one.
6. I will try and clean their teeth on a more regular basis.
7. I will contribute to great dog charities; a personal favorite is the Lions Club Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs.
8. I will visit with Ember regularly at my father’s long-term care facility to help raise both his spirits and those of others living there.
9. I will continue writing about my dog experiences and sharing with others on my blog.
10. I will read more about dogs – there is always something new to learn!

What do you think of my dogs’ and my resolutions?

Can you think of some resolutions for your dog or for yourself as a dog owner?

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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5 Responses to Dog and Owner New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Jane says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Here are some of ours:
    1) I have the same stair problem as Ember. I will try and be more considerate in this regard.
    2) I will do my best not to eat dog poop. I can see how it distresses my mistress. I have heard her mention “Citronella Collar” and am getting a bit worried about the consequences of this behaviour.
    3) I want to try and convince my mistress to offer up our home to another canine in need. I miss living with other 4-legged creatures, even though I know my new family loves me to bits. I don’t think this should be too hard … I do have them all eating out of my paws.
    1) I will continue to try and learn as much about dogs as possible. I am loving this new world that was completely unknown to me until Avery came to live with us! There are so many great dog walkers at the off-leash who are willing to offer up advice! What a gift you people are!! And your packs are so lucky to have you as their walkers.
    2) I will really get moving on learning about raw feeding. My gut instinct is that this is the route to go.
    3) I will desperately try to accept Avery’s poop eating ways, but alas, I am unable to understand it. Does she feel like she will never get another meal after being starved as a pup? I might have to try the Citronella Collar. I love kisses, but definitely not from poop eaters!!!!!!

    • I loved your resolutions,thanks for sharing! I have enjoyed meeting and walking with you. Avery is so lucky to have you in her life. Things will get sorted out for you it can take time 🙂 Step one is asking for suggestions and you have. Information is everything with a new dog. See you at the park! Becky

  2. I love your human resolution #3–try not to fret about the dog hair; it’s marginal compared to the love your dogs give to you. So true!

  3. Penny says:

    Love your post Good one to start the New Year!

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