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In April 2012 I started a Facebook page for my dogstwentyfourseven blog. I have been blessed by making many new friends as a result, and I look forward to sharing them with you. Coco’s Cupcakes caught my eye one day after commenting on the page. I was very intrigued from the get- go seeing the unique name and the red lettering. Who was Coco?

I clicked on Coco’s Cupcakes on Facebook and was astounded to see that Coco had over 1300 likes! I was immediately interested to look for more information on the page. The cupcakes were Doggy Cupcakes made with one 100 per-cent certified organic ingredients.

I had to see where they were located, as I found dog-cupcakes a fascinating concept. I discovered that they are located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The pictures of the cupcakes were gorgeous and had me smiling thinking of the dogs in my life, and how they would love such a treat!

In their Mission Statement Coco’s Cupcakes mentioned that they “will not fed your dog’s something that you would not eat yourself.” I thought that that concept made sense to me, especially with so many worries in the media lately regarding some unsafe dog treats.

I set out to “find” Cocobutter and hear more about the cupcake business and their family life. The following is an interview with Coco, a very bright and adorable dog that I have become friends with.

1. Cocobutter, tell me about yourself and your family.

I am thirteen years young.  I am a miniature red velvet cupcake poodle. Well, okay… they call me a red poodle and I have no idea why because I am beige, or more like honey or pecan or light peanut butter color (everything is related to food in my head… or as my mommy calls it a snout! I have two human sisters, one in law school (23 years old) and one in med school (22 years old). As you can see, they get their smarts from MOI. That goes without saying. My nana and granddad live about 10 miles from me and I love my granddad! He lets me kiss his snout (something that my nana is not particularly fond of).   My uncle lives in CT and works in NYC at IBM.  He has been the paws behind my logo and other artwork.  I am my mommy’s shadow many people say. Some say that she spoils me… I prefer to say I have extremely refined taste. I am also a perfectionist with my cupcakes. I use only high quality organic ingredients. Period. These aren’t always easy to come by… but my snout can usually sniff them out wherever they may be. I love my mommy to pieces, and we are inseparable. She takes me to places where I can run like a puppy without my leash, she reads me stories, she leaves the TV on for me when she is out, she sings to me, she feeds me organic meatballs and bacon as my cocobutter topping (this is somewhat of a big deal you see… because she does NOT eat MEAT!) Other than that she is a human version of myself.

coconh 022 (2)

2. Cocobutter what is your first cupcake memory and how did the idea start to make and sell such beautiful cupcakes?

My first cupcake memory was when mom brought me home a dog cupcake from a bakery in the town nearby. I said to myself, “Cocobutter, you could do a FAR SUPERIOR JOB than this and actually bring in some extra bacon for the family!” I say bacon as in literally BACON, not cash. I experimented and had to kick my mommy out of the kitchen numerous times, as we fight over how to decorate them AND she cannot multitask as good as myself! We did agree on the initial flavor which was peanut butter banana with peanut butter icing. YUM!

3. Tell us some more about Coco’s Cupcakes the business. How has it evolved over the years?

Coco’s cupcakes just began in May 2012! We now have over 1300 fans in just 6 short months and someday maybe I will have Coco’s Cupcakes places all over! That’s me and mommy’s dream anyway.

4. Where are you located?

We are located in Manchester, NH. But we will begin shipping the first week in December 2012 or maybe the second (we are working on a limit that we can sell per week for the website in case we go into overload!) The shipping wasn’t in my original “cocobutter plan” but so many have asked me to, I wanted to let everyone try my delectable creations (the packing and shipping method was not as easy as my curly little snout initially thought it would be!!!!! agh).

5. How does a new flavour get developed or a concept for decorating?

I spend a lot of my evenings going through the food network magazine, watching cooking shows and reading about what is healthy for us pooches. This of course is in conjunction with trying many things I find in the fridge (be that they fall out, or rather I get my tiny snout in there when momma is focusing on other things!). Many times my ideas are nicked in the bud before trying, like the time I tried to tell mommy that I thought we should try top sirloin cupcakes (she reminds me that I have not achieved a star on Hollywood boulevard yet (soon though!) and thus I need to bring my taste level down a couple notches).

coconh 045 (2)

6. Are the cupcakes on display at nose level for your dog clients to see?

Not really… unless you are a tall dog. Many of my premier clients are very tall dogs, so for them it works but other than that… the small little ones can just sniff the aroma and they are “hooked.”

7. Do you get to taste test or sample any reject cupcakes?

YES! And I have Billy a Jack Russell terrier who is my CTT (my chief taste tester!) and then Lil Debbie who is  a pug,  miss Molly the doodle, and Emma a basset hound who are my second in line taste testers. We leave no bone unturned! We test broken pieces, overcooked cupcakes or just when I feel there requires a taste testing meeting (daily)!

8. What is your favourite cupcake?

My favorite cupcake is the peanut butter cupcake with oatmeal and topped with a carob cookie!

9. Do you have a secret dog crush on any of your customers?

Yes, on Billy. But he is engaged to Lil Debbie so I shall settle for friendship.

10. How does your mother relax after a busy day at the store?

She takes me to a big park that “only we” know of and we have it all to ourselves! And then we fight it out for use of the computer!

11. Do frequent buyers get rewards?  No… but now that I think of it, they should! I will put my coco committee on that issue ASAP!

12. What celeb dog would you like to meet? Beethoven. My mommy had a St. Bernard like him when she was an itty bity girl.

13. What famous dog from history would you enjoy meeting if possible?

Balto, the Siberian husky that led the famous 650-mile run from Nenana to Nome to deliver diphtheria serum in 1925. The run has become the famous annual Iditarod race!

14. What human or organization do you admire for animal advocacy?

PETA (Mommy is a vegetarian, so I do admire her too).

15. Have you ever been to Canada?

No but I would love to!

With the news filled with sad stories daily this interview gave me such a happy lift. Do check out my Dogstwentyfourseven Facebook page and introduce yourself. Your dog may have a fabulous story waiting to be shared.

Coco’s Cupcakes can be found on Facebook or on their website for more detailed information.

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1 Response to Coco’s Cupcakes

  1. cocobutter says:

    thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful blog becky!! it has been so much fun!!

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