Celebrating your Dog’s Birthday

Our dog Ember had her eighth birthday on May 26th; this was a special day for us. We have never celebrated any of her birthdays before because she joined our family less than a month ago. I have started asking some dog owners recently if they have any unique traditions to honour their dog’s birthday.

My friend Nancy gives Rupert, a Wheaten, a nice bone each year, while another friend, Maryanne, baked a cake for her lab Maddy. Fulton’s owner told me that they would throw their previous dog, Madison, a birthday party. In my perspective, dog birthday parties seem to be more typical of owners before they have children, when their beloved dog is centre stage.

Technology is constantly evolving and the options are endless online to take your dog’s birthday to another level if desired. Complete party planning is available at your fingertips. Dog birthday’s today can resemble a young child’s, including themed canine invitations, party games, presents and a loot bag to take home. Party plates and accessories can be purchased to add a festive flair for the birthday dog and invited guests too.

You Tube has unlimited videos of birthday dogs celebrating with loved ones, both the two and four legged. I found it hard to stop watching these clips when researching this post! All different types of dogs – big, little, registered and mixed breeds – are showcased being sung Happy Birthday to by their owners and family members. I found myself smiling at the number of owners singing off key to their special dog.

I did find one you must watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08E6vUzWt9o. It was filmed on June 11th 2010 and is titled Dog with hands: Augie’s 4th Birthday. The owner has two retrievers, one Augie and one named Ti, (he has a birthday video too).  In this video the dogs are seated at a kitchen table. Augie appears to have hands and opens gifts and enjoys a birthday cake while sharing with Ti.

Additionally, there are countless recipes online for making a birthday cake for your dog or tasty treats. For example, http://www.dog-birthday-parties.com/dog-party-treats.html.

Our dog Abby receives a birthday card every year on her special day from her Fairy Dog-Mother, a favourite senior who lives a few doors up. Online there are also endless options regarding sending an electronic birthday greeting. We usually give Abby a new bone to chew on and keep an eye on her as she often decides to bury it after ten minutes in our garden. We do wish her a Happy Birthday and sing a round of one of the world’s most popular songs. Her dog treats are usually more plentiful on “her” day, too.

Ember was given a bone too. I think it was her first at eight years old and she was unsure of what to do with it. After a couple of minutes she caught on as her lab “food gene” kicked in. The entire day I kept thinking how lucky we were to give her a forever home and spoil her. She in turn has been a blessing and the feeling is very mutual. Earlier in the day I took her for her first off leash walk along a river, a special gift for her and nice bonding time for both of us. Extra ball throwing was added to our day’s schedule too as she just learned this new trick and loves retrieving.

Going for a hike on a new trail might be a fun idea for a family with their birthday dog. Check your local area for off leash dog parks or trails. Maybe a birthday picnic with your dog and favourite family members or friends could be a special way to spend time together.

Although some families buy their dogs a new toy or a spiffy new collar, our dogs really just want time with us so whatever you do to celebrate, carve out some one on one time to give back for their constant love they give us 24/7.

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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9 Responses to Celebrating your Dog’s Birthday

  1. paul says:

    Always a special occasion with our 2 dogs in our house. They get an egg/cheese breakfast, the birthday song, a good trail hike/swim and finally a 1/2 of plain hamburger for dinner. Thxs for sharing another good post!

  2. Jon says:

    Great post. I have always given my dogs extra tasty bones or dried tripe. The tripe smells nasty but they love it.

  3. wandalys says:

    well todays my dogs birthday but i have two and idk what to do today

  4. Rattling fantastic visual appeal on this site, I’d rate it 10.

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