We Are Now A Two Dog Family

Today a second dog was added to our family and we are on cloud nine. Little Hot Ember – her given name at a breeders – chose us to be her forever family. We are delighted with her without even twenty four hours having gone by. I highly encourage anyone contemplating getting a dog to consider a senior canine.

Writing for my blog has been a wonderfully creative experience. I have met so many interesting people along the way and listened to their personal stories relating to finding a dog-match. I have met at the off -leash numerous owners who found their beloved pooch in the most unique of circumstances. My eyes and ears have been opened to alternative ways of expanding a family dog-wise, for example, taking a chance on rescue dogs or those in shelters, or temporarily fostering.

My last post was an interview with Jeff Narucki on his passion to place senior dogs living in shelters in permanent homes. My mind was opened through my conversations with complete strangers at the park and emails to Jeff; I began to think that our next dog should be an older one and not a puppy.

My husband and I met a woman on the street with a black lab a few weeks ago and we struck up a conversation. I noticed that her dog, Rosie, was wearing a spiffy collar; we ended up talking about Rosie’s breeder.

We made note of the breeder – Castilleja Labradors – as we were told that some older dogs were available. The seed was planted! We emailed the breeder and booked a time to visit.

Today my hubby and I drove to the kennel. It certainly is true that when you are excited to get somewhere that the drive seems excruciatingly long. The ride home always seems twice as fast with the anticipation of arrival removed.

We found this kennel spotless; the dogs were all happy and Joan was very welcoming for our visit. She wanted to know what we were looking for in a dog and our reasons for getting one etc. We were given a tour; of course, the puppies were adorable but we held firm on taking home an older dog.

We had three lovely gals to choose from and spent time with each one. All were either seven or eight years old and were great dogs, but Ember chose us; there was no question about it! She came over to me as I sat on the floor and cuddled up beside me. There were licks galore and an obvious attraction between us as she enjoyed our pats. She never left my side; the other female named Maybe was very playful and silly but not as affectionate. The third female, Jody, was quite reserved; it was like Goldilocks and the Three Bears having three very different types to choose from. Ember was the perfect blend that we were looking for. She hopped into our car for the ride home and was fantastic, with very little car experience under her belt.

We enjoyed her observing things that were most likely new sights for her, such as trucks driving beside us, cows in fields and people on bikes as we entered Toronto. She and Abby clicked, much to our relief, and our daughters were excited to meet her.

It was fun seeing Ember try out stairs for the first time; she had the opportunity to hang in the breeders home but I don’t think she was able to go up a flight of stairs and back down whenever she felt like it. She settled in beautifully and was an angel on leash checking out our neighborhood. She is perfectly house trained which is a perk being an older dog.

I looked out the window while making our dinner and my heart melted. Emily our daughter was laughing and smiling while throwing the ball for Ember. Ember would run for it and pick it up and drop it not quite grasping the concept. We look forward to many firsts with our senior knowing that the last half of her life will be great for us too!

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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10 Responses to We Are Now A Two Dog Family

  1. Janine Zimmerman says:

    I am so happy for your family! Fulton and I can’t wait to me her!

  2. Cherie says:

    Congrats! Very exciting news. Hope Ember is settling into her new house and routine nicely.

  3. Sally Sarjeant says:

    That’s great news Becky! Interesting that Molly’s father was from Castilleja as was Tess!!! We also are now considering an older dog instead of a puppy and loved reading your blog last week re older dogs…there are a wonderful couple I spoke to who have a rescue foster centre ” Anne and Pete’s Foster Animal Alliance just north of Toronto you can find them on Petfinder page 5…I love Queenie! Anyway we are going to make our decision in June can hardly wait to have another dog and definately have a room for a rescue or an older dog…looking forward to meeting her!!

    • Thanks Sally I thought you had been to this breeder 🙂 Bringing an almost eight year old dog into our family has so many perks.She is housetrained,socialized and easy going. No chewing items or “accidents” on the floor either.She is super on leash too!Her sweet personality rocks and still lots of bounce for years to come energy wise.We are quite smitten and Abby does not have a puppy leaping on her.They have been great together 🙂

  4. ojdoherty says:

    Great! I hope she is very happy in your home, though i know she will be.

  5. Nina says:

    Becky, how wonderful for all of you. Congratulations to the whole family, especially Abby!

  6. Jeff Narucki says:


    I’m so incredibly honored and touched that you’d mention me and my mission hear, words cannot justice to how I feel right now, so I’ll just say Thanks 🙂

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