Dog Collar Bling

I love dog collars and the fashion statement they can create on any dog. There is often a story behind a dog’s collar, whether it is a puppy’s first collar, a dog’s birthday gift, a souvenir from a holiday or a gift from someone special. Other times, the previous collar may have broken, got lost or was too stinky from a dog rolling in something! Some families use the same collar for a dog’s entire life with no sense of urgency to replace it at any time.

I have been taking pictures of dogs I know or dogs in the park the last few weeks showcasing their collars. Humphrey – an English Sheep Dog – wears the Union Jack; Summer – a young Irish Setter – rocks a bright orange collar that matches her super model physique; while Lady – a Cocker Spaniel I walk – wears a simple black understated collar which I call her LBC – Little Black Collar. However, her boundless energy and delight when greeting strangers while out on our walks outshines any collar!

I have noticed glow in the dark light up collars becoming hip when dark dogs are out being walked in the evenings. They resemble the glow bracelets and necklaces all ages love at concerts. They certainly catch attention; I have even seen some that flash!

I found a website called Glow Doggie They sell waterproof LED lighted collars that last two years. The variety of colours are fun and would really help if you were out on a camping trip or at a cottage and want to see your dog is in the dark of night, if they cannot be seen or heard. They are used by K-9 search and rescue teams around the world and the collars are German-made.

The options for collars are endless both online and in specialty dog boutiques and in the large pet stores. Last week I noticed a black lab named Rosie wearing a smart gray collar with black polka dots. I asked her owner where it was from as it caught my eye. She told me the collar was from Peachy Keen Pets here in Toronto. The collars are custom-made and have neat designs.

I went online to check them out at; it really is an incredible site! The dog collars are described as cute, quirky, and comfortable. They are made from out of print and hard to find fabrics. I caught myself smiling looking at cupcake, ruby slippers, sushi, skull, Elvis, Superman, and racing flames designs to name just a few. I felt they are affordable compared to other places selling collars. They sell in a variety of locations and in the U.S.

I have a friend, Shelley, who owns an impressive collar display for her two Portuguese Water dogs Marley and Jackson. I walk their dogs and look forward to seeing if their collars have been changed. She mentioned to me the collecting phase is over but it was fun choosing them at the time. Each seems to have a story linked to it. Being black dogs any colour pops out on their fur – even black with a pattern. Often, after a grooming, I notice they receive a collar change, and they sport a “different look.” I think they literally have more bounce to their step when groomed, feeling liberated of some fur and feeling clean! I feel like one of the handlers at The Westminster Dog Show showing off my good-looking pair on the side-walk run ways.

Our lab, Abby, has a bright green collar with silver coloured dog bones. It was not pricy when initially bought, but has that nice worn in leather look, feeling very soft to the touch and could tell many a story of the things our gal has experienced over the years, if it had a voice. Vet trips, vacations with us, sunning in our garden, meeting other dogs at the off leash and hundreds of interesting walks along the way.

We take it off every night so she can be “naked,” and feel free plus no noise from her tags on it dangling if she walks around or wants to scratch. I have asked other owners if they remove their collars at night it seems to be 50-50. Do you keep your dog’s collar on for sleeping through the night?

Leather, neon, waterproof, plain, embroidered, custom, glow in the dark plastic or metal, a collar is a small part of our dog’s identity that we love so much! I welcome your comments on your beloved pooch’s collar to share with other readers at dogstwentyfourseven.

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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