The Dog Bowl

We have a stainless steel dog bowl that has been with us over twenty plus years. It is nothing special to look at but holds a multitude of memories.

I cannot even remember where we purchased it, which is funny. It was purchased as a feeding dish for our first dog as a married couple, Chip a chocolate Labrador.

Chip started his quirky habit at around eight months of age and it is something we still smile about more than fourteen years after his death. We would sometimes feed him outside on beautiful days, and he discovered when licking the dish once emptied, it would spin on the pavement in wide circles from his enthusiasm. The spinning action and metal sound got him very excited and he would howl back at the dish. When it stopped spinning he would bang the edge of the bowl with a slap of a front paw to create another sound as it wobbled and he would sing/howl some more. He would stop if being seen doing this, so we would have to peak at him from out of his sight!

We had a bachelor living next door and Chip’s love affair with his dish came up in conversation one day. He politely said Chip would be getting a plastic bowl for Christmas so we only let our pup have fun spinning the bowl if he was away from his house for his consideration. Oops!

We have Chip on video doing this and it is priceless. It would have been great on the TV show America’s Funniest Home Videos! Chip would do this in various locations provided the dish was on a smooth surface like paving stones, a sidewalk or a driveway. We tested it out this theory. The dish travelled to my parent’s farm, some cottages and my in-laws and over many years has accumulated a lot of mileage between Chip and Abby, our present lab.

We have used other pet dishes over the years but this has remained special. On one occasion it got left outside by accident when our young girls used it to fill with snow and dump upside down making “cakes.” I found it frozen to the paving stones in our garden and gave it a kick to dislodge it – a big mistake! The outline of my big toe is literally an impression on one side of the metal dish.

It has dents all over it from being well used and travelled. It still gets used on occasion but I do not have the heart to put it in the recycling bin. It is funny how something so simple can have such powerful memories.

In our basement we have all our dog collars from different stages of our dog’s lives hanging on a nail. They are in our laundry room and take up little space, but again are a link to wonderful memories. Some have the dog names on or old tags with former addresses from time gone by. They are scratched up as tags get and could tell lots of stories from their wear and tear from puppyhood to senior years.

The dish and the collars are simple items, but speak volumes in our memories and family hearts.

Do you have any items that remind you of past pets and the wonderful memories they gave you?

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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  1. Our boy, Socs, a big black golden-poo, wore a pink plaid scarf in the winter. It was a cheap thing I bought at a yard sale for $3, but he just suited him and his shiny black fur. He wore it all the time and I think he thought he was quite ‘the dandy’ with it on. When he passed away, I washed the scarf and put it in the mitten tray. It still sits there. I take it out from time and time and just snuggle it to bring him back to me. So sentimental, I know, but I can’t let that silly scarf go.

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