Pride Rock- Your Dog’s Favorite Place

The family dog is very similar to the lions in the wonderful movie The Lion King. Our families coexist with the family dog similar to a pride of lions – living, eating and sleeping close to each other. I believe that our routines are predictable to our pooches, as day after day, year after year, they play out.

As a result, I am convinced that they choose their personal Pride Rock – that special place in our homes where they spend the majority of their time. Some dogs have a couple of Pride Rocks while others have only one. It may even depend on their mood or the time of the day.

Abby – our lab – has her favorite spots. Her predictable one is on the landing of our stairs. This place allows her to have a vantage point seeing out the small window in our front door if by chance someone should come up our front steps. Being at a higher elevation I think gives her the feeling of a watch dog “on duty.” She can also spy out our living room window from here with an awesome view of cars pulling into the driveway.

Another Pride Rock for her is our bed. She is allowed on when we are awake or during the daytime. It would be the “high-end penthouse” price if on the market with comfort and a view out four windows onto the street below. This allows “prime” viewing and nonstop entertainment all day. On days which I remember, I open the California shutters so that she can clearly see kids going out the door with parents on their way to school and the garbage and recycling trucks doing their thing without having to look through wooden slats. The mail and flyer delivery by new people bring vast excitement to her.

As she became a senior we allowed her onto our living room couch – funny how the rules get relaxed. Previously she had the opportunity to go on the family room couch or had the option of two very comfy dog beds – one upstairs and one downstairs. However, I caved and put a sheet over the couch and she can now hop up and have the main floor view of the street. The sheet allows for easy removal if guests come by and no dog fur is left behind as evidence.

Cleo – a sweet senior lab who boards – has her visiting Pride Rock with us. Her owners can’t believe it but she goes up and down our stairs to her prime location. In their home she rarely goes upstairs so we get a giggle from her vacationing habit. She always goes to a space between the side of our bed and the radiator. It is like clockwork; after a walk or a meal, or when she knows I am about to head to bed, she makes her way up to her spot. I have learned to put a soft blanket there for her mature body to rest and she makes herself comfortable. Some days she leans into the warm rad for a “treatment.” When she leaves after boarding it takes me days to not expect Cleo on her Pride Rock. I cautiously tip toe around the bed thinking she is settled in there but then remember she has headed home for no doubt another special spot!

When I go into homes I see the family dogs quite often in the same spot. It is their Pride Rock while waiting for me to take them for a walk. Lady – an adorable Cocker Spaniel – is always upstairs and it takes some calling to coax her down and I know why. Her Pride Rock is a very comfy couch which, in the mid-day is bathed in delicious sunlight. She loves to be there and snooze; who wouldn’t? She always delights in a stretch in downward dog position before heading out the door. Occasionally she finds happiness on a couch in their living room which is also a terrific sunning location.

Fulton – a dog I have walked for years – is 95 per cent of the time either sleeping on a chair by the front window or wide awake in this position watching for my car to pull up. He does not utter a peep until I step on to their front deck. He pops up from a comfortable vantage point and alerts his owner Janine and her adorable toddler son Cooper, that Becky is here. It is always five barks in a row like clockwork, fast and with intensity followed by a full body wag when I come in the door.

Jenna – my oldest senior dog – is quite predictably sleeping on her lovely bed or in their living room by an arm-chair. These are her Pride Rocks. I could bet money on these spots.

Is there a Pride Rock in your home?

P.S. Outdoor Pride Rocks are another post in months to come, stay tuned!

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About dogstwentyfourseven

Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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10 Responses to Pride Rock- Your Dog’s Favorite Place

  1. Sheryl says:

    Becky – I am reminded yet again, why Cleo loves you, Ken and the girls. You are the best, and cannot imagine entrusting our girl to anyone else. Loved the post 🙂 xo

  2. It was fun to write! 🙂 She is a dear, and we too are lucky to you in our lives.A perk of my job, some wonderful valued friendships! Where is Cleo’s Pride Rock at your place?

    • Sheryl says:

      she has a soft, warm pillow tucked into a corner of the family room/kitchen. as we do not have a living room she is always close to us. still do not understand why she will not navigate our stairs. sometimes think she loves you best 🙂

  3. Toby had a fave chair in the living room. I can picture him there now…on his Pride Rock. I miss him! Smiles…Lora

  4. Marlane says:

    Becky You are absolutely right! Tia has her spot on our couch, right next to me, with little Mo on the other side. Heaven help us if Mo and I get it wrong or someone else, like my husband, chooses to sit on the couch and disturbs what Tia thinks is the natural order! Then she sits in front of us, on the floor, and gives a big, “HUMPHF!” again and again until the humans move over and set things right!
    Thanks again for a lovely article. Marlane

  5. Nina McCreath says:

    Becky, you give your readers organic gifts of lovely day-to-day musings, and remind us of why our dogs are so important in our lives! Thank you! Nina

  6. Loved your comment Nina! Thank you 🙂

  7. iPhone5 says:

    The content on this publish is really a single of the top material that I’ve ever occur across. I love your article, I’ll appear back to verify for new posts.

  8. patrice monaco says:

    this was the best article i loved it. gaylen was our 1st dog and her place was always my spot on the bed because i worked nights. she waited there until i got home. then we got myron and being a puppy mill dog he did not care where he was except not in a cage. eventually gaylen moved her exquisite site to the bottom center of the bed. with all of her pillows and my martha stewart throw! harvey came next and he likes to be near me along with myron and it is a race who can get next to mom first and keep the spot. chico our newest is the biggest dog and he likes to sleep next to chris. during the day or when we are not home gaylen likes her stair landing spot or the big enormous dog bed in the living room. if she is not on that the others are. it is funny to see. it all depends on her mood where the other 3 land. chico is a couch dog. he likes the one in the living room (love seat) in front of the window to watch out of, or else the big couch in the family room which gaylen uses if we are in there. when chico came to us – his mamma sat in one of our side chairs in the family room. that is now chico’s chair – she has visited enough that he must be able to smell her. he rests his head on the arm and looks into the kitchen. a good vantage point. as they are aging spots are changing. gaylen and myron need help to get on the bed so they have 2ndary spots if we are not here to lift them. it is hard to see them age. i wonder if they say the same thing about me and chris!

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