Owners with two of the same type of dog- 2 of a Kind

I have noticed over the years owners that simultaneously own two dogs of the same breed. In my mind there is a list of questions which I am curious to ask, knowing that each dog owner would have different answers. Today I am going to highlight one owner and his story; stay tuned for the other three families in posts spread out further down the road.

Marc is a dear friend of our family and owner of two Mini Yorkies. On occasion I walk them for him when he needs help. They are the smallest dogs I have ever walked in my entire life! Mitzi – his first dog – weighs less than five pounds and Zoey – his second dog – is less than six pounds.

They are black and tan and to me have supersonic hearing! They hear the key in the door and spring to attention every time. Apparently their breed can localize the smallest of sounds, making them superb watch dogs! These two however have hearts of gold and only bark if startled by a sound.

They are adorable and get a lot of attention from people of all ages when out on a walk. Despite their tiny little legs they can move very quickly! They rock the cute factor, and are so small that some people who are not aware of their breed think they are puppies.

I asked Marc recently what made him choose their breed when he got Mitzi. He said the size of his apartment was a factor and when he was in university one of his students had two Yorkies that were affectionate and well-tempered.

When asked if he envisioned getting a second dog of the same breed when acquiring his first, the answer was a firm “Never!” I asked how he decided to add a second to his family. A year and a half ago when Zoey was being retired from the show circles and breeding the breeder had asked Marc if he wanted her… This was a loaded question no doubt and I know how easily I would cave if thrilled with my first dog.

Marc mentioned that he was partial to female dogs; so Zoey was exactly what he was looking for. Mitzi was terrific on her own but he felt she could benefit from some company as some of his days are long. He had seen Zoey as a puppy and he actually choose her name when she was born! Zoey is slightly bigger than Mitzi but they could be sisters, or mother and daughter with their similarities.

I know it took me a few visits to immediately tell them apart as when I entered his home the dogs would be dance around my feet happy to head out for a walk.

I asked how it had changed going from one dog to two. He answered, “Double everything” – walking and grooming fees, food, and insurance. But most importantly he said that they give him double the pleasure and love. As a bystander I can say that Marc’s girls are so loved and bring him such joy, and that they are so fortunate to have him!

Naturally there are some positives and negatives to owning two so I asked what they are. He said that if one is sick it could possibly pass to the other dog so the risk doubles. Marc mentioned travelling with one was a breeze, but with two it became a bit more work; however, their small sizes makes them pretty portable! He even takes them to work, which is nice for all involved.

I asked if he would go to the same breeder again years down the road and he was very positive and said that he absolutely would. He has even found homes for four other Yorkies from the same breeder and takes his girls there for grooming despite being a long drive which is true dedication!

Out of curiosity I asked if he grew up in a family with more than one dog. He said yes, and that their first dog was a huge Boxer named Caesar and then a terrier cross named Buttons followed by a Poodle named Suzette. Although they had three family dogs, however, they were not owned at the same time.

I wondered how he came up with his two dog names and he filled me in. He bought baby books and searched the internet for suitable names that fit their individual personalities, size and looks.

The care that Marc put into researching their names showcases his pride as their owner, and the true love he has for them in his heart.

About dogstwentyfourseven

Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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  1. When we got Toby for my brother Matt’s 14th birthday, he wanted to name him Toby. I thought it was such a boring, common dog name, but as it turns out, it suited him perfectly. I don;t think I would ever get a cocker spaniel again…if I got a dog I would want a Lab I think. No room though! And certainly not for two! Maybe when we have a bigger home and I have bigger boys to halp take care of him or her! Smiles…Lora

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