Let’s Find Bella a Home!

When I was a little girl I loved to read books on animals. Stories of dogs and horses were my favorites. I remember reading Beautiful Joe and Black Beauty, two different stories written from a dog’s and horse’s perspective about their abusive owners and how their lives would unfold over the years. I could not put the novels down wanting the story to have a happy ending.

A few weeks ago I was at the off leash park and a black lab caught my eye. I went over to say hello and felt myself smiling seeing her nipples hanging low – she obviously had been a mother a few times! Antoinette, the woman with her, explained that her dog was very special.

She was fostering her from a fabulous organization here in Toronto called Speaking of Dogs Rescue. Antoinette discovered Lorraine Houston, the owner and angel behind this cause, online when looking for an opportunity to foster a dog. Their old lab died at sixteen – which is truly remarkable – and they did not want to jump into owning another dog again so quickly. Fostering would be a win-win situation!

Elly – now known as Bella – is Antoinette’s fourth fostered dog with this organization. Love, dedication, commitment and respect for every dog are clearly evident by this organization.

Bella was vetted before coming to live with Antoinette’s family. She had never received vet care previously while spending her life in a Puppy Mill in Quebec. She had produced many litters and had been neglected and abused… I felt sick to my stomach looking at Bella here at the dog park in front of me and knowing her story. Her fur was a bit patchy in places and her eyes looked like they might need attention. Initially, they thought her eyes would require surgery, but because she has since gained some much-needed weight, they are hopeful she will be able to go without it.

Antoinette said she has been spayed, micro- chipped, and vaccinated at Leaside Animal Clinic. She has a tendency to bloat but medication has really helped curb this problem. There have been no recent incidents.

I asked what it was like when first getting her months ago. I was told her tail never stopped wagging despite being terrified of everything! With much love and devotion by Antoinette and her family everything has come full circle. She is wonderful with kids – Antoinette’s are fifteen and eleven. Bella has turned into a happy, confident dog.

I have seen massive changes myself. This morning she bounded into the dog park without being nervous and is happy to be around other dogs and be near people. She exudes confidence in her stance and has a bounce in her walk – something new for this gentle gal. She loves to fetch a ball and play with the family’s other dog.

Bella travels well in the car, likes long walks and is attending beginner obedience classes at the North York Obedience Club. She has become the star of the class with her happy disposition and joyful nature. Being a lab she is a foodie so training her is very easy!

This lovely pooch is finally learning how to be a dog and it has paid off. She loves to be patted and be near people – what is not to admire in this special dog?

I don’t think I just happened to be there at the same time meeting Antoinette and Bella by accident. These moments are destined to be. I would love for Bella to find her “Forever Home” through this post. Please tell everyone you know about this darling dog that will truly touch her new permanent family’s lives forever by taking her as their own. She deserves to be loved by those around her as she will give back in countless ways for her new lease on life at seven and a half years old! Right now we are all hoping for a happy ending to her story. Please feel free to check out this link to see photos of this beautiful girl and the wonderful work that special people have done for her along the way!


P.S. She is listed as Elly on the website

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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1 Response to Let’s Find Bella a Home!

  1. Lora Rossi says:

    Hi Becky! I hope Bella finds a home soon. Thanks to your help I am sure she will! Enjoying your blog! Smiles…Lora

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