Dog Sleeping Beauties

Something I find very endearing about all dogs is their “Sleeping Styles.” We as humans are classified as side, back, stomach or a combination of any of these sleep positions. I personally love to sleep on my back to start off with, but usually end up on my side facing the alarm clock in the morning.

I get great enjoyment seeing dogs snoozing when boarding with us. I have noticed that they, too, have similar sleeping positions. There is a pose in which a dog is laying down on its tummy, with one leg tucked under its chest, head down, looking straight ahead. Another technique I’ve noticed is when a dog sleeps on their stomach with their legs fully extended and head resting on top.

Another sleeping position I adore is the when a dog sleeps completely on its back with either its legs up in the air or with its legs relaxed by its sides exposing “everything.” This is usually done after a tummy rub on a side or very rarely on their own and we as owners come upon it. One variation of that pose is the sleeping on the back with a wall on one side for leverage or against a crate’s siding.

In our house we call one position the “Butterfly,” which is when a dog lays on its tummy with its legs opened flattened onto the floor. The legs resemble a butterfly’s wings or frog’s legs! Puppies often lay like this as hips are more pliable. I have also seen it with dogs “cooling off” on a tile floor in the summer. Smart thinking!

The most popular by far is when a dog sleeps on its side, with its legs straight out, occasionally with one ear sticking up. It sort of resembles a “U” shape. I have seen dogs sleep on their cosy bed but have their heads hanging at a lower elevation onto the wood floor (head rush?). Some dogs sleep with their eyes half open or, (another personal favorite) small dogs with their tongues partially hanging out which look like bologna.

Sometimes dogs will sleep with their neck cranked in such an awkward position that it is hard to imagine it being comfortable, but it is “their thing.”

Abby will on occasion fall asleep gumming on a stuffed animal. This technique is always when we have company and she is happy to be near us but zoning out.

The curled up in a fetal position is another favorite of mine. This occurs when a dog sleeps with its head tucked in the same shape, like a ball. This maneuver usually needs some serious stretching after waking up!

Lastly, many dogs enjoy sleeping with a friend by their side (photo evidence included at the top of this post).

The groans and moans are part of getting into their preferred sleeping positions for older dogs, which I find very sweet at the days end.

Dog dreaming is a whole other post down the road…

What is your dog’s sleep type or the favorite dog in your life?

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5 Responses to Dog Sleeping Beauties

  1. Sally Sarjeant says:

    Oh I loved this one! As a family when our 5 year old Black Lab “Tess” falls asleep on her back with her legs in the air we all gather together and shhhhhh look at Tess doesn’t she look so adorable????…always after a really long walk and she always has a goofy smile in her sleepy state! ……when she realises we are sneaking a look at her she rolls over and looks at us rather sheepishly and smiles and grunts and goes back to sleep. Just love her!

  2. I am missing my dog Toby as I read this! He was actually a present to my brother and lived with my parents. He was a Cocker Spaniel, Really cute but not very smart! I would love when he slept on his fave chair with his head down on his front paws. He was such a cutie! Cheers….Lora

  3. I failed to leave my website address…I guess I should!

  4. Ali says:

    This is the only time I’ve been to your site. Thank you for providing more information.

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