Stinky Dogs

I would like to share with you a few stinky dog tales that I have experienced in my life. I know having had a dog in my family for most of my life there are many!

My first that comes to mind was one involving our chocolate lab Chip. This story occurred while we were staying at my Grandmother’s cottage on Stoney Lake. It was a wonderful vacation for my husband and I slipping away from our city jobs for some R and R.

We enjoyed the summer sunshine, swimming in the warm lake and visiting other family members with cottages there. Chip was young and loved the water, naturally it was in his DNA. He would dive deep down in the water and literally blow air bubbles and come back up with a prized rock in his mouth and then repeat the process without tiring. He would even manage to get under the dock to investigate what might be hiding there. We could hear him swimming away and clearing his throat as labs do by swimming too fast and swallowing a mouthful of water.

He would enthusiastically leap off the dock after a stick or water toy over and over again and Murphy’s Law would find the driest person on the dock to shake beside. I loved the way his tail was his rudder and would guide him back into the “port” like a ship!

Our dock faced south so the sun was on it most of the day. It was the meeting spot for all to congregate including the water snakes! There was one spot year after year the cousins knew to walk quickly by as often a nest was situated there perfectly placed by Mama snake in the brush and close to the water…

We on occasion would see them swimming and it would always look like a floating stick bobbing up and down. Thank goodness only one taking a dip at a time as I am fearful of snakes!

Chip decided to try his natural instinct as a hunter and was delighted to bring us one he had bumped off by shaking its neck. At least a quick death for the snake but certainly gave me the willies.

As it so happened we were to head home that day so we packed up our things and headed by boat to the Marina and then loaded up the car .We had no idea what was about to unfold as we headed down the highway…

Minutes into the drive Ken and I both looked at each other and said, “What’s that horrible smell?” I turned to look in the rear of the car and saw Chip panting looking very happy. The smell coming from his mouth must be where the true meaning of where snake breath comes from! It was the longest drive ever back to Toronto, windows down all the way!

Growing up I had a black lab named Ben he was a typical lab much-loved by the family and occasionally he would get into trouble stink wise. He was skunked at my parent’s farm once and as you know the smell is award-winning.

We had an empty horse trough that became his tomato juice bathtub. I remember my Mother buying multiple cans of tomato juice and having Ben stand in the trough while pouring it over him. I don’t think this remedy really works; it is more of an old wives tale. It cuts the eye burning factor for the owners but still the skunk perfume lingers.

Here is a recipe I have heard that works 4 cups 3%percent Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and one tsp. liquid hand soap. Let it sit on the dog if the dog has not been washed previously since being skunked and leave on 5 to 10 minutes (easier said than done!) This needs to be used right away so do not store!

There are products you can purchase from Pet stores but I think they are deodorizers that mask the scent but sometimes both in combination can be worse! A professional couple of grooming’s helps but in my experience hearing of dogs being skunked it is time that makes the horrible smell go away.

I had a dog arrive for a boarding that had been skunked a few days before. I was told he had been shampooed by professionals and it was much better than initially. I still found the smell pretty stinky and by doing some detective work discovered that although the dog was shampooed the collar still really smelled and his beloved bed that came for the board (they had not been washed). So heads up either toss the collar if not a pricy one or soak it in Nature’s Miracle my favorite product for stain or odor removal. It is safe for use around children and pets and will work on old stains or smells! It absolutely rocks!

My last story is about Abby our present lab and what happened a few years ago. It also has a cottage theme regarding a bad smell…We were leaving a friends gorgeous cottage we were loaned for a week away with our two daughter’s. We had the car packed to the roof for the drive home with clothing, bedding, groceries, fishing tackle, life jackets you name it we had packed it!

We let Abby dry off from her last swim and kept her inside until it was time to leave. When we knew we were almost ready to leave we let Abby out for a bathroom break and then hopped in the car. Abby was situated between our girls and they both shrieked at the wild odor coming off the dog. We all piled out and wondered what she had rolled in. Dogs always seem to want to spread the stink on a shoulder and their necks!

We discovered she had rolled in worms that were decomposing. They must have been let free from a container bought for fishing as the moss was still there near them and they never burrowed into the earth. YUCK!

Emily and Hannah found a temporary solution wrapping a beach towel around Abby’s head (think Queen Elizabeth with a head scarf off to walk at Balmoral). It helped a little bit and got laughs on the drive home by passers-by looking into the car clueless to why she was dressed up! Once again a drive home with windows down.

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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  1. Ha! I remember yucky dog smell…but worth it! Now I am surrounded by hockey equipment smell. Help me!!! Really enjoying your posts Becky! Cheers….Lora

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