Dog and Owner Pet Peeves

I was thinking the other day that we often tell others things that our dogs do that bother us. However, when you think about it, this simple fact could be flipped around. We complain about our dogs waking us up too early on mornings, when extra sleep is an option, but how many times do we walk into a room and turn on a light and the TV where our beloved pooch is sound asleep? Without a second thought, we wake them up.

We complain about their fur on our floors and the resulting upkeep without remembering the minefields they negotiate around on our floors. For example, shoes left out in the halls, children’s toys, and items on our stairs intended to be carried up, which magically the majority of family members ignore while passing up and down.

I know our lab Abby jumps if my blackberry beeps to alert me of a message received. This is something new in the last few months. I try and remember to silence it but don’t always remember! She in turn has discovered how to head butt one of our doors that when unlocked opens and leads onto our back porch that requires a second door to be opened to get outside. When a freezing cold day the cold air comes flying thru into our kitchen, brrr!

The smell of some dogs after spending time at a cottage lake can be pretty ripe and I am sure many pooches are told “You Stink!” However, many owners in fact use housecleaning products that can make their dogs sneeze or have scented items in your homes like candles or potpourri that they might not be able to stand or which gives them a headache!

We blame our farts on them when entertaining guests when we “know” who dealt it. When the dog actually passes gas it is a huge affair and needs an announcement, when in reality they are just completely and totally relaxed, granted it can clear a room!

As owners we complain about car rides with the dog. The dog can’t stop panting, the dog is taking up too much room and squishing a family member or the dog has bad breath. Well I wonder how many times we play that same music CD over and over in our cars and our dog thinks “Here we go again… not this CD!” Or we stop to get a coffee and donuts or food and munch away while the family dog gets nothing at all or a tiny bite.

Our sweet canines love to lie out in the sun and we tell them to go lay in the shade on a hot summer day thinking they will get too hot. Imagine if we were told to move from a comfortable position soaking up the warmth in our favourite garden.

We can be bothered by a muddy dog and the cleanup it requires, but think back to your childhood and how freeing it was to get dirty playing sports on a muddy field or exploring at a cottage.

We laugh at our dogs scooting on our carpets to itch, or licking their private parts when in fact we must have some crazy habits we do that drive them nuts that are hilarious and award winning!

So next time Rover does something that bothers you, think twice about your habits that might bother him!

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Becky White is a dog walker.She and her husband live in Toronto with their two daughters.Becky has been a dog lover all of her life and feels now is the right time to share her stories, experiences and adventures!
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1 Response to Dog and Owner Pet Peeves

  1. Nafisa says:

    Thank you! I am so grateful my dog puts up with me.

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